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Laying the foundation for the GREEN ECONOMY:

EWM (Earthworm Waste Management) and SCARAB (Specialised Composting And Recycling of Abattoir Bulk) work hand-in-hand to convert – through earthworm processing – large-scale industrial wastes, such as waste activated sludge, abattoir offal, municipal waste.  

The products created are applied to degraded and mining lands for soil and environmental rehabilitation.  This has enormously beneficial consequences in the environmental, economic and social spheres.  Community-based projects can be upscaled through training to form EWM projects, and thus integrate into the Green Economy. 


Workshops are hands-on and practical, with physical tasks given in both individual and teamwork situations. Every module has supporting written information.

Half-day and 1 day workshops can cover any 1 topic or specific group of topics. The full program is a 5-day hands-on experience.

Topics covered are:

1. Soil

2. Compost Heaps 

3. Earthworms

4. Crop Circlz and Organic gardening / farming / cultivation

5. Planting guidelines for vegetables / herbs

6. Propagation – seeds, seedlings, cuttings, layering


7. Pest control

8. Harvesting produce

9. Nutrition and preservation of food

10. Cost Effectiveness and Record keeping

11. Draw up a practical action plan to implement immediately after the course

12. Evaluation


Through Planner Bee Plant Care, we offer workshops, consultations and training.

 – Permaculture Training and Workshops

– Organic Gardening & Indigenous Plants

– Waste Management & Recycling

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