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What you should know about Fertilis

  1. Fertilis is registered with the Fertiliser Board (Reg no B3664, Act 36/1947).
  2. Fertilis Earthworm Castings is humus – the dark organic matter in soils created by microbial activity.
  3. Compost and manure are the raw materials used by soil bacteria and earthworms to produce humus.
  4. Humus (Fertilis) is environmentally friendly and feeds the life of the soil while it feeds crops and plants: minerals and nutrients are released and become bio- available to the roots of the plants.
  5. Fertilis improves the organic value, structure, moisture supply and fertility of the soil and is nature’s way of replenishing the soil. It is naturally pH balanced.
  6. Fertilis is produced only from cattle manure, which is fed to a special kind of earthworm (Eisenia fetida).
  7. It takes approximately 3 cubic meters of manure to make 1 cubic meter of humus – Fertilis.
  8. Feeding the manure to earthworms exponentially increases the beneficial soil micro-organisms and removes all odours, semi-sterilises it by removing any harmful bacteria, fungi or nematodes and also prevents the breeding of flies.
  9. The reason that only cattle manure is used for the production of Fertilis is that all organics are not suitable for growing food.
  10. Chicken manure, pig manure, sludge and sewage may produce healthy-looking plants, but contain large amounts of heavy metals, such as lead, boron, aluminium, copper, etc which are especially taken up by green leafy vegetables. For this reason these organics should not be used for growing food crops, although they may be used in land rehabilitation programmes, growing ornamentals and cover plants.
  11. Only a living biological soil is truly fertile. Organic produce is more nutritious as it contains natural (or food state) vitamins, minerals and many other nutrients still to be discovered.
  12. Plants grown in organically fertile soil are healthier and more resistant to disease and insect attack.
  13. Healthier plants need no poisonous sprays and will consequently be free of toxic spray residues.
  14. Seeds are better developed and so yield better crops.
  15. Vegetables and fruit grown on land rich in humus are always superior in quality, taste and keeping power.
  16. As the soil heals, earthworms return and bring with them all the benefits of soil life.
  17. Adding humus (Fertilis) to the soil prevents excessive heavy metal absorption by the plant roots.
  18. Because Fertilis is a slow-release plant food, only one application per growing season is required.
  19. Fertilis has approximately 30% more organic value than kraal manure; its fertiliser values (NPK) on a slow-release basis are 2:2:1 (2 – 2,5%). The pH is approximately 6 – ideal for our soil conditions.
  20. Fertilis has all the necessary trace elements required for good plant growth and unlocks the minerals to become bio-available to the plant roots.
  21. The action through the gut of the earthworm increases the bacteriological count, which in turn produces growth hormones and even traces of antibiotic which prevents certain fungi in seedlings and cuttings.
  22. Fertilis may be applied with a fertiliser spreader, providing it does not contain more than 22% moisture.
  23. Fertilis may also be brewed into a compost tea for liquid application.

Save our ecology – grow organically – use Fertilis.Fertilis Earthworm CastingsTM

A purely bio-natural group 2 fertiliser produced by earthworms Cerified organic


Slow release – guaranteed not to burn – apply neat, without diluting – very economical


  1. Can be applied to all soils
  2. Fertiliser and top dressing for lawns, indoor and outdoor plants
  3. For planting out seedlings, bulbs, etc
  4. For making top quality potting soil and germination mix
  5. Seasonal fertilising of shrubs, roses and trees

Benefits of using Fertilis

  1. Contains no harmful ingredients to man or the environment
  2. Helps to restore natural balance and structure to soils
  3. It is naturally Ph balanced
  4. Combats pollution and helps lock CO2 into soil
  5. Results in healthier, better developed plants with higher yields
  6. Slow release – apply only once every season
  7. Reduces costs to gardener / farmer by almost 20% overall
  8. Produces healthier, tastier edibles with longer shelf life
  9. Facilitates re-activation of dormant earthworms in any soil
  10. Improves water retention and aeration of soil
  11. Eliminates need for toxic pesticides

Clear set of directions for use included on every bag of Fertilis.

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